同じモノはない 個性に溢れ 瞬く星々の様に




`アマノガワ ミタイナ キラキラハッピー キマスヨウニ´と




"Tingara" and I means "Milky Way" in Okinawa language.

The overflow quickly stars are as of the same things are not personality

Hemp string and of, also stone pattern, unlike the individual

It is full of each of the colors.

The person who had you in hand an item of `Tingara '

And `Milky Way Mitaina sparkling happy Kimasuyouni '

With great prayer

In skills wearing natural stone shop

We have created one by one.

Work that is sold
All there in those one point.

We have been spending every day in the motto "Do not forget the basics ...".

I humbly thank you.

* Indian astrology · It is determined from planetary number theory
Original appraisal accessories too
The natural stone used is included
All purchased from wholesalers in Yamanashi
It will be genuine.

For those who wish, our shop
I am limited to product purchasers
Please be prepared about one month to create
Issue fee 1080 yen and certificate shipping fee
With customer burden
It is possible to issue a certificate as well.